2019 Youth Week

February 28th, 2022 support@technowand.com.au
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Numerous blue light volunteers, local Police and PLO officers joined forces to cook 900 sausages at six different schools over three days for Youth week in Murgon and Wondai.

Wednesday 3rd April

The first day of youth week the team went to Wondai State School. The students had just completed their annual cross country and were very keen for a sausage sizzle. With about 200 students, some went back for seconds after completing their run. The students were very excited for a surprise raffle draw, seeing four lucky students winning Target vouchers and a number of other donated prizes from the Murgon Pharmacy and Newsagency.

After packing up from Wondai State School, the crew then headed on over the St Joseph School in Murgon. The children were very excited to meet their new Adopt-A-Cops, Constable Morris, Constable Smith and PLO Alberts. The students devoured their sausages and were very grateful for Police coming to visit the school. The students were again excited for their surprise raffle draw with 4 very lucky students winning prizes.

Thursday 4th April

Day two the team travelled 40 minutes to a 10 student school, Cloyna State School. After a lovely visit at Cloyna School, the volunteers and Police then headed to another small school, Windera State School, with only 15 students.

The students at both schools were so delighted to have the Police come to visit and provide lunch to the students and teachers. The students were put through their paces being breath tested, trying on police vests and having a look through the Police vehicle.

Friday 5th April

The third and final day was a massive day. The first crew consisted of two very dedicated staff and one blue light volunteer. They attended Murgon State Primary School where they cooked for 300 students. It was a very busy morning for the three, as there were unexpected staffing issues just before they were to arrive at the school. The three managed to successfully cook and feed the very hungry students of the Murgon State School.

The second crew headed to Wheatlands State School, which has about 80 students, luckily enough some parents were able to volunteer their time to help cook the sausage sizzle. The students enjoyed their sausage sizzle as part of their rewards day. The students also met their new Adopt-A-Cop Sergeant Brad FEWTRELL from Wondai Police Station, who showed off his cooking abilities and helped draw some raffle prizes. The Murgon Blue Light Association was also able to donate a much needed PA system and speakers to the school.

The Youth week events were very successful and would not have been able to be achieved without the grant from the Blue Light State Office and without the dedication of our staff and volunteers. Youth week provided the local police and The Blue Light Association to be able to give back to the youth while breaking down local barriers amongst the youth.

Thank you to our valued Blue Light Volunteers, Bevan Routledge and Ron Thorn who volunteered their time to help cook sausages for the students over the three days. Without your kindness and massive effort, the events wouldn’t have been a success.

A big thank you to the local Adopt-A-Cops and Police from Murgon, Wondai and Cherbourg, Sergeant Brad Fewtrell, S/C Sue Stevens, S/C Danielle Gordon, Const Cameron Maddock, Const Alex Smith, Const Toni Morris, who came along and engaged with the students. A massive thank you to the wonderful Police Liasion Officers, Senior PLO Leah Hunter, Senior PLO Victor Alberts and Senior PLO Steven Grant for helping cook the 900 sausages and interacting with the students and teachers.

A very special thank you goes out to recently re-elected Murgon Blue Light Committee member and Murgon Administration officer Patrice Fenech for assisting with organising the event, organising equipment, taking countless photographs and managing to feed 300 very hungry Murgon State School students. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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