By giving your small change, you can make a big change in someone’s life. The idea that small, seemingly trivial changes or actions can lead to significant and sometimes unpredictable outcomes over time. The concept highlights the power of seemingly minor actions to trigger a chain reaction of events that can result in substantial and often unforeseen impacts. It serves as a reminder that our choices and actions, no matter how small they might seem, can have far-reaching consequences, and that even the tiniest positive change can contribute to creating meaningful transformations in individuals' lives and larger systems.

Imagine you're playing a game of billiards on a pool table. You line up your shot and hit the cue ball with a certain amount of force and at a particular angle. The balls on the table scatter and collide with one another. Now, let's say that your shot was slightly off and you hit the cue ball just a fraction of a degree differently than you intended.

In the short term, this small deviation might not seem significant. However, as the balls continue to collide and interact, the paths they take become increasingly different from what they would have been if the initial shot had been accurate. Over time, the arrangement of the balls on the table can become dramatically different from what it would have been with the precise shot.


How can you get involved?

We want to empower young people to build a better tomorrow and sponsors play a crucial role in upholding our programs and services for the community. Support, which can come in the form of monetary or in-kind donations, enables us to exceed expectations in our efforts to empower young people. The backing of locals supporting locals, is the fuel that keeps our mission alive.

Why sponsor us?

The choice to sponsor our organisation will not only assist us in successfully delivering our mission, but it will also provide you with:

  • Tax deductible donations
  • Increased visibility and brand awareness through our media platforms
  • Positive brand recognition, we have been around since 1984
  • An improved social impact fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation Options


One of the most valuable ways you can help QLD Blue Light to continue to deliver youth primary prevention programs is by leaving a gift in your will. By the Wills Act, all Wills and Codicils must be in writing, signed by the Testator, and attested by two witnesses in the presence of the Testator and of each other and we recommend you seek professional advice or the assistance of a solicitor when preparing your will.

“To give [gift] to Queensland Blue Light Association Incorporated (ABN: 67 047 589 753) for its general purposes, free of all duties. The receipt of the Secretary or other authorized officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the trustee.”

Thank you for considering supporting us with your bequest.