News Browns Plains Blue Light Camp 2019

Browns Plains Blue Light Camp 2019


On Friday March 15, 34 very excited campers aged between 10 and 14-years-old departed Logan West Community Centre for an action packed weekend as part of the Browns Plains Police Blue Light Camp 2019. The camp was held at Bornhoffen Police Citizens Youth Club’s (PCYC) Leadership Development Centre which is located at Natural Bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland.

The kids had a memorable camp even though it started off with complete power loss in the massive storm that passed through. Using torches for light, the police and volunteers still managed to cook for the kids and hold art night where they painted Hawaii themed surfboards. Saturday was again wet on and off but that didn’t deter the fun. The kids were involved in ropes courses and the first ever 4 on 4 Cats Vs Llamas soccer match which was a fantastic funny game to watch. All up it was an excellent weekend with the kids acting as teams and helping each other in the games and tasks they had.

Blue Light is a police youth programme designed to encourage better relationships between police, young people, parents and the local community. It does this by involving young people in supervised cultural, social and sporting activities in an environment free from alcohol, drugs and violence. Blue Light has developed into a crime reduction initiative, which aims primarily to identify and address the needs of young people who are ‘at risk’. Browns Plains Blue Light Camp is staffed by serving police and citizens who volunteer their time to organise and run this camp annually as a way to inspire young people to be self-aware, to build their social skills and to contribute positively to their community.


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