About Us

About Us

About Us

Blue Light is a police youth programme designed to encourage better relations between the police, young people, their parents and the community. It does this by involving young people in supervised cultural, social and sporting activities in an environment free from alcohol, drugs and violence. It uses every opportunity to positively promote the police to news media and the community.

Blue Light has developed into a crime reduction initiative, which aims primarily to identify and address the needs of young people who are ‘at risk’. These young people could come from a dysfunctional home, be economically disadvantaged, have come into contact with the police or youth services, or have been identified as being at risk by parents, friends or teachers.

The first official Blue Light Disco in Queensland was held at the Albert Waterways Community Hall on the Gold Coast on the 26th July, 1984. This first disco attracted 219 young people, with the average attendance for the remainder of 1984 being 536. The Queensland Blue Light Association Incorporated was officially incorporated on the 1st May, 1986.

There are currently 77 Blue Light Branches throughout Queensland, covering an area from Torres Strait to St George. Remote areas such as Barcoo, Charleville, Cunnamulla and Longreach all benefit from programs run by their local Blue Light Branch. An average of 100,000 young people attend a Blue Light function in Queensland each year, participating in activities such as dances, skating, movie nights, pool parties, sports, camps and our EDGE program.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Queensland Blue Light Association Incorporated is to enhance the lives of youths under 18, especially those at risk, enabling them to achieve their highest potential by fostering a better relationship with the police, their parents and the community.

This is achieved by providing and supporting committed volunteers to supervise cultural, social and sporting activities in an environment free from alcohol, drugs and violence. Through this supportive, community based environment we encourage youths to develop leadership, self-esteem, mutual respect, shared responsibility, and a positive police/youth relationship.

Our Events

Primarily known for our Discos, (we call them Dance Parties now) Blue Light has evolved to offer a large variety of activities to the young people of Queensland. At a Branch level we offer Movie Nights, Skating, Pool Parties, Camping Trips and themed events. QBLAI State Office organises two styles of camps, as well as our ongoing EDGE program.

Our Youth Development Camps are designed to provide youths aged 10 – 16 years the opportunity to enhance their life skills, interests and opportunities and to develop positive self esteem. We have taken groups of 40 on trips to Canberra, Carnarvon Gorge, Bundaberg and the Gold Coast. Our Youth Leadership Camps provide an opportunity for young people aged 15 – 18 years to develop and enhance leadership skills to become our young leaders of the future.

Our Staff & Volunteers

QBLAI has only two paid staff in all of Queensland. A Sergeant of Police has the role of State Coordinator, and a civilian holds the role of State Administrator. Every other person involved with the Association is either a Police of Civilian Volunteer.

This is pretty amazing when you look at the volume and quality of activities and events we put on each year. QBLAI is made possible through the support of the Queensland Police Service, financial backing from our Corporate Club & Movie Day promotions, and our many Volunteers throughout Queensland.

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